Create a Schedule for a Stress-Free Move

Create a Schedule for a Stress-Free Move

Moving into a new home is exciting but can become stressful with so many steps in the process. Laying out a schedule and determining all of the tasks that need to be completed before moving day can help you stay organized and calm. Here is a great example of a moving schedule to make your move stress-free:

Two Months Out

  • Schedule any painting and repairs that need to be completed.
  • Complete change of address forms.
  • Reserve any moving vans or moving companies that you will need.

One Month Out

  • Downsize and declutter your belongings to avoid packing items you do not need.
  • Take inventory of your items so nothing is lost in the move.
  • Gather your insurance policies, appliance manuals, and any other documentation that you may need in your new home.
  • Begin packing! Start with items that are used less frequently and end with the items you use the most.

Two Weeks Out

  • Continue packing and labeling boxes according to which rooms they belong in.
  • Arrange parking for the moving truck. If you are moving into or out of somewhere that doesn’t have driveway parking for the moving truck, you may need to reserve space.

Week Of

  • Take care of your pets. If you are moving with animals, make sure that you have arranged a place for them to stay while you are moving.
  • Confirm any reservations you have made for moving companies or other essential services.
  • Pack essential items in boxes and an overnight bag with the things you will need the first night in your new home.

Day Of

  • Meet the moving team if you have hired one and supervise the loading of important items into the moving truck.
  • Be sure to keep any valuables such as jewelry, laptops, passports, etc. with you and not in the moving truck.
  • Take a final walkthrough of your old home to ensure you have not forgotten anything.
  • Take inventory of items and boxes once they have been moved into your new home. If anything was damaged, be sure to take photos and file with your insurance.
  • Settle in and enjoy your new home!